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Hey etx,
I am Fry2412 from Germany, 20 y young and just one day before i found your project i asked myself if it is possible to do some changes to the onboard computer. So i had pledge :P I just want to Hack a bit my Mercedes w203 to hopefully add some new cool features or just to improve my friends by steering some things from my mobile. Great forum and Great idea ;)

Sorry for my bad english, internet do your thing and a nice day

Cobraphx... from Arizona. My first project is to interface a Ford Coyote motor ECU and a Mazda RX-8 EPS (electronic Power Steering) controller. The RX-8 EPS expects to receive vehicle speed over the HS-CAN connection. Should be a great learning experience.



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Hi. Im ichraffsnicht From germany.

I want to do some awesome stuff with my Fiat Grande Punto Abarth. Im already have a raspberry integrated in my vehicle electronics to have he ability to send Musik via a2dp to my media system.

Things i would do with the CBT.:
-open/close Windows with my remote key or Smartphone.
-save some car data to a database.
-tracking roundtimes in track.
-extended alarm system( notification to phone)
-automated audio source switching an Soundtrack titels in my OSD
-some More awesome stuff ;)


Sounds awesome ichraffsnicht!!

Hey etx,
nope, i can't find any gear in the upper right corner. I'm using the latest Firefox at the moment. Funny.... :/
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Hi, I'm Oliver from Slovak republic.
As I saw this project instantly I was thinking about a few possibilities of use in my octavia II:

  • data logging (for servicing purposes)
  • can data analysis (and modification) for example to make MF steering wheel from newer model to work in "older" car :)
  • etc...

Hey Oliver, That sounds great!

Fry, I changed some settings to hopefully allow editing your posts. Sorry, first run with this forum software.

Hello All,

I am in the Detroit area. I look forward to becoming proficient with the CANbus Triple. I see this tool as a low cost alternative to some of the other CAN tools I have worked with, but with the ultimate in capabilities since the firmware will be under my own control.

I have a GM vehicle that uses the CAN bus for powertrain and I plan to start out by monitoring that bus and extracting useful data. I haven't yet decided what to do with that data, but that isn't the point. The point is that variables sent from one module to another across CAN often limit what you might want to do with the vehicle. This tool is a way to intercept that variable, modify it, then send it along to the device(s) that use that variable.

For example... you've modified the transmission so it can handle the added performance of your target engine mods, but the transmission controller keeps requesting a huge torque reduction from the engine during each shift. The right thing to do is recalibrate the transmission controller so it sends a more appropriate torque reduction command. Depending on the powertrain, this might be very expensive or even impossible to do without insider information.

The CANbus Triple can be installed as a bridge, severing the connection between the transmission control and the engine control. The CANbus triple can be easily programmed to pass along every message it captures, making the bridge connection completely undetectable and benign. Then the CANbus Triple can be programmed to capture the errant torque reduction command from the trans controller, reduce it to a less annoying level, then send the modified torque reduction command on to the engine. Such a change might yield a .1 or .2 second improvement in 0-60 MPH or 1/4 mile time.

The possibilities are endless...


Yeah Tommy! Awesome! That's really what the CBT is all about.

Hi all,

I am an electrical engineer in Oregon, USA, and I am super excited about the possibilities of this device! Great idea Derek, or is it etx now? :P Also great forum address forum.canb.us haha, very clever :-B

If anyone is interested in BMW CAN go check out the thread I just started over in the Howto's

Mike from London, Ontario.

Really looking forward to seeing what all craziness my TDI Jetta is sending across the CAN and eventually adding in some functionality to our race car. Mostly just tinkering for me though, long time programming enthusiast that loves new toys.


@TheDigital_1‌ Ha! Good call, I should use my name here so people know who I am. etx has been my internet and BBS handle.

Tyler from Cookeville, Tennessee

Im looking to start by data logging on my 2011 Mazda3 Hatch and then go into playing with the CAN screen on the dash. Not quite sure what else I will be able to do with it but I plan on finding out as much as i can!

Hi, Everyone!

I'm also from the Detroit area, and am interested to see what information I can pull from my 2003 Toyota Matrix, and possibly a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country minivan also. I've never been into car mods much, but I'm interested to know what information is available beyond the "idiot light" notification system that's currently present. For now I'll just do data logging and info grabbing, and based on what I find there I'll see what I want to do next :P

Hi all!
Luis from Clarksville, TN. I love electronics and my car quite a bit. So while working on an Aftermarket Heated Seat Control Interface Unit (powered by Arduino) I wished to do more thinkering and came upon the CanBus Triple.
I received mine today so I will be getting up to speed as to what it provides and what it can do.
Thanks again for making this almost too easy.

If you plan to use the CBT on a candidate vehicle, you might want to check to see for sure whether your candidate vehicle actually has a CAN bus. For example, CowboyMatt might be out of luck with his 2003 Toyota Matrix, as it might be too old to have CAN. While everything 1996 and newer has OBD2, CAN didn't come in until much later on most cars sold in America. Sometimes there is a CAN bus, but it doesn't come out on the OBD2 connector.

The Internet has lots of misinformation, so beware. For example, here is a posted list, but the list is not up to date and is likely incomplete. http://www.auterraweb.com/aboutcan.html

I use http://www.alldatadiy.com/ for subscription data that is vehicle specific. It is relatively inexpensive, electronically searchable, and accessible anywhere there is Internet. I do occasionally find data missing, such as certain schematics, but 98% of everything a mechanic might normally need should be there.


Dustin from San Antonio,TX. I'm hoping to pair my CBT with a Raspberry Pi running in my '08 Subaru Legacy spec.B to display digital gauges on the factory nav screen (a more complicated version of OBD-Pi basically). I'm sure I'll come up with some other ideas to toy around with once I've got the hang of the CBT!

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