Has anyone had problems getting SerialCommand.h to respond over the USB serial connection?

Running the example firmware with just the SerialCommand.h middleware enabled, any commands I enter into Arduino's Serial Monitor are just ignored by the CBT - no echo, no response.

If I put some debugging code in the <code>SerialCommand::processCommand </code>function I can echo back my serial input using a <code>Serial.println</code> command, though what is returned is not what I actually typed though I assume for now that's just a hex/ascii/decimal conversion quirk.

None of the cases in the <code>switch (command) </code> function are being triggered, which makes sense given the value of command does not appear to be anything like the hex values the code is expecting.

All I'm trying to do at this stage is get the CBT to respond with one of its standard SerialCommand functions - even just the 0x01 0x01 'print system debug' would be a good start.

Any ideas how I can get this working?

Sorted as per my post on another thread. The commands need to be sent as HEX not ASCII encoded strings, and the Arduino Serial Monitor doesn't provide that function so you need to look to a separate serial terminal app.

I'm on OS X and am using CoolTerm.

I'm using CoolTerm in win7 as well.

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