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I spent about 4 hours working on this today and here's what I have to report.

I had another device on the CAN BUS that worked fine before I started, and when I was done, the other device was broken and seems to fuck up the rest of my CANBUS.

In the middle of it all I was able to capture about 10,000 packets at 83kbps from my CAN BUS, I'm assuming they're not corrupted. I wasn't able to determine if they are anything useful, but I did press a bunch of buttons on my steering wheel and can confirm that none of the packets are 1A8, which is what is supposed to be the steering wheel buttons from a 2007 CLK350. Maybe they've changed.

Later on, I was unable to capture anything anymore and after tearing my hair out a few more times I disconnected it all and was happy my car still worked.

Sigh. I was extremely frustrated by this and it has sapped all of my desire to do it again. :( Losing the other module ($500 module) for reasons unknown also REALLY sucks.

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Got my CanBusTriple, now I need to figure out how to get it to talk at this speed and reading these messages... I know you're busy Derek but if you can help me just with the baud rate stuff, I can probably get started on my own. I will see about finding time to work on this in the next few weeks.

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I own a late-model Mercedes GLK. Once I get my Canbus Triple, my plan is to interface with the Convenience Bus. This is a CAN bus in the car that runs at 83.3kbps, and from what I've read, contains things like steering wheel button presses and information that is sent to the display screen in the gauge cluster.

My plan is to reverse-engineer these messages and provide a direct interface for my Car PC Tablet to display messages in the Gauge Cluster, and to receive steering wheel button presses.

I hope to use the CanBus Triple to do this. I am excited to receive it! I will try to post my progress here, if I make any.


Looks like your connection to CANBus Triple was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.