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Well, can now confirm, nothing happens with 12+ (max 2A) on VCC and GND pins... board is never powered so i was prepared to kill this thing, so I reversed VCC and GND and got some bzzz and awesome smell of fried hardware.

I honestly gotta admit, this purchase was a big flop, just too many things thats left to "trial-n-error".

For anyone else looking in buyin CBT, I deeply recommend, get some MCP25xx on your own, a arduino and you're better off with example sketches available from the community. It will most definitely be much cheaper and less headaches.

The idea was good but yeah...

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I'm 99% sure I have not accidentally switched gnd/pwr.
I studied pinout thoroughly before connecting.

Who / where is the board assembled, factory or in garage ? I ask cause I know how tricky smc can be before final cooking.

Any tips on how to debug 12v powering ? Cause if I've received a faulty board I'd want that fixed. Had to move on to self constructed hardware since CBT wasn't working correctly on HW and kind of SW (which is fixable) level.

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@slypete nope not folding since I have 2007 y car. I'm only able to reposition mirrors and control windows on passenger side but not on driver side.

I've moved all my development away from CBT since software is too unreliable (works only 40% of all attempts) to Linux based environment as well custom hardware / software using mcp25xx chips.

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Im not at all familiar with Subaru or its electronics but you might want to test to tap on to network directly by finding CH & CL wires and try your approach there.
My vehicle (a4 2007) has for example can gateway that filters access to network, i only get data that i request. But jumping onto ch+cl wires reveals naked data as well possibility to inject my own can packets.

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Has anyone played around with comfort-bus data in A4 (b7 -07) ?
Im able to command passenger side window as well mirror but on driver side theres no specific can-id's to manipulate. Reoccurring id on Dside is 381 but that seems to be some general trigger for locking, alarm as well warningsidelights(?)
Ive tested to dump all data while commanding driverside window buttons and mirror joystick and replayed that back to the bus but nothing happens. Also tested to command D and P side windows together for replaying dumped data, P side works flawlessly but nothing happens on D side...

really frustrating :/

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had similar behaviour in my Audi B7, turns out Audi has gateway that blocks outgoing data if not requesting specific kind of data. to bypass that, connect CBT directly into canlines, I did this behind instrument cluster (which has infotainment, comfort and engine buses) and it worked well.

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As much as I've done Bluetooth stuff on arduino boards, I've never seen any indications in code which tell whether a device is connecting or disconnecting.

I could be wrong in CBT case tho, but something tells the serial will not get any events by default from BLE chip.

tho let's wait for someone, who knows more about Arduino stuff, to answer.

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one more thing, where is the code that listens for BLE / Serial inputs ?
(yah, still new to C and struggling to understand the structure)

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Arduino is not my best field and I can't really find any decent forum post about my question.

can someone show a snippet of code of how to send data packets from CBT (Arduino ide with CBT ino file) to he vehicle ?

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the wiring diagrams show CBT 2 first pins are 12+VDC and ground, how ever when I connect those the CBT is never powered, only way to power is via USB cable.

Am I missing something or is that expected behaviour ?

Looks like your connection to CANBus Triple was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.