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I have some contacts with decent prices on small runs. If you need someone get in touch.

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I replied to your question about the 29bit firmware in the other topic. I've been focused on another GM model and not messed with the Benz in a few weeks. I think it's a voltage issue on that bus, it's not normal. Also I think some of the VW users may be able to help further since some models may share that bus configuration with MB...

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I've yet to get the 29bit to properly compile, working on that now... However I have seen the same issues your experiencing on a car before. This was on my 05 MB low speed bus when ever I connect to it. The CBT seems to freak it out. I have found that that particular bus is NOT terminated with 120ohm resistors like the high speed bus. I planned to investigate it further, but car is in the body shop for next couple weeks...

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Thanks @Reto I'll give that a try and post up my results. I upgraded my windows version but that alone didn't do it.

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On the sprinter, gateway is blocking... Discovered that on my E320. Had to connect directly into the B and C bus behind the gateway. The gateway is like a firewall. DLC16 port only accepts OBD commands and translates them to to the other nodes. Dig up the wiring diag, find the data HUBs, and wire in there.

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Thanks Derek.
I finally upgraded to Win8.1, so got to briefly check out the app today. Looks good, easy to navigate.
Did have a issue when attempting to upgrade Firmware from .4.2 with it. CBT rebooted but the app hangs at uploading firmware. Have to close and reopen it when that happens. I haven't had time look into it further yet.

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How you guys coming with the low speed single wire bus and the CBT?

I'm interested in instrument data which I believe is transmitted from the ECM over high speed, then to the display as low speed from the BCM.

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How about his Derek. Could you compile a 29bit version with the Windows Wireshark output settings like before and just post it for download? I've thought about having someone do that for me until we get this bug figured out. Really like to get this running.

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I'm running ver 1.6.1 on XP.

Tried several things related to file directories and such, with no luck. Had fixed previous compiling issues that way. However with the limited time I have to mess with it, hard to debug. Would love to get this one going since my main uses are 29bit related.

Anyone gets time to help me debug this please let me know and I'll make time to collaborate.

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