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I wasn't sure that the obd cable was going to work with my Vw amarok, wasn't sure if the pins would line up. That's why I hardwired my CBT to the comfort bus.

When I wired up to can1 all I could get was a baud rate error but when I changed it to bus 2 and adjusted the software that's when I started to see data.

I assume your trying to use your CBT on a Mazda if your using the Mazda build, do you know what bus speed your Mazda is?

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I have finally got my VW Amarok to talk to my CBT today, I started streaming packets down. Now i just need to find a decent way to compare Idle Can .CSV files with Active Can .CSV files. Anyone have a suggestion on a good sniffing style program?

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I've spent all day most of today trying to get my CBT to start spewing data. I found that if your getting error B your baud rate is set incorrectly. I could be completely wrong here but I found that the only Bus with a baudrate set is Bus 2,

I connected my Can2 of the CBT to the Comfort Bus of my VW Amarok and set the CANBus2.baudconfig(100); the default is (125) and now I seem to be getting data.

Also a guess here but changing your baud rate in Coolterm does nothing for the speed in which the CBT connects to the car.

I had no luck getting any baud rate connection via the supplied OBD 2 cable

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