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A bit late to the party but i had a similar issue with Wireshark crashing when i first used the CBT (before the awesome app was released and setting it up manually), I found that if you select the /tmp/cbtbus1 interface on its own it crashes, i also selected an interface (ideally with no traffic) which seemed to solve the problem. So i had the cbt interface and just the LAN interface

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Thanks for the replies :) and sorry for the delay.

Hondude - interesting that there is another connector nearby, ill have to have a look.

I tried it on a Mazda CX5 and have managed to get loads of data :D Coolterm works a treat (although i forgot to log it in hex so its almost pointless) but the Wireshark Pipe also worked great in Windows(I did have to select an ethernet interface aswell otherwise Wireshark kept crashing - I was connected via wifi so the ethernet interface didnt actually record any data).

I got a handful of dumps, both baselines and whilst flashing the lights every second (to try and identify the data as an example)

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Got all this set up with no problem. Wireshark goes green and Node command prompt says client connected but im not seeing any data :(

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Just found the updates in this thread!

Looks like you're striking gold, Derek.

And many thanks KidTurbo!! Glad its working for you, ill try tonight on a windows box rather than Linux

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So I have tried the 01090101F4 command which has set the rate to 500 (according to the response) but I still get the same "[]" in coolterm and the "ÿ" in the log file when I try to start logging the data.

Ive tried connecting the OBD first, then the USB, both with the car on and car off but its making no difference.
Im running the latest version that was at the time of this thread being made.

I will try on another vehicle tomorrow maybe and see if i can get anything different, any ideas? All I want to begin with is a data dump of the vehicle running.

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The only data I can see is when I dumped the EEPROM using 0102 (suggested here:

I am using the supplied OBD cable

I tried doing:
<i>"Auto Baud
Also, if your CBT is connected to a CAN bus you can send a command to auto detect baud rate.
Serial api command: 0x0108X (X being the bus, 01 - 03)

So to find the baud of bus 1 send 0x010801 and the CBT will send back JSON data as it tries each speed (speeds are hard coded at the moment) "</i>

as mentioned on the Serial Commands post but ive not tried the 01090101F4 you suggest. I will try it and get back to you :)

Is there a single place with all the commands, I seem to be finding bits and bobs in various places

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Thanks for the replies.

Im using CoolTerm, the brackets are appearing in the coolterm display itself but I then noticed that the log has "ÿ" as opposed to the brackets. (If that makes sense)

The status reply with the command 011001 is: "status":"0"
{"e":"busdgb", "name":"Bus 1", "canctrl":"4", "status":"0", "error":"0 - No Errors", "nextTxBuffer":"0"}

Any ideas?

Also, The Mazda edition of the firmware, what differences does that offer and what models does it cover? (Have access to a Mazda CX5 2014)

Thanks again

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Right, Quick update.

Managed to get the latest firmware onboard, and am able to see data now :)

However, when i enable logging mode "03010100000000" i just get empty square brackets "[]" and doesnt appear to log any data :/ Any ideas?


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Hi all,

Im just tinkering with the CBT and had a few issues in getting started.

First of all, out of the box does the CBT have the firmware already on ready to work?
If so, what speed should i set CoolTerm too/how do i determine the baud rate that i need?

I have also tried to flash the firmware again with the arduino IDE but that having compile errors (I assume that is a problem my side rather than the CDT)

And in terms of the Desktop App, ive followed the installation guide and getting errors at the "node-pre-gyp rebuild --runtime=node-webkit --target=0.12.0-alpha3" stage (along with the /serialports folder not automatically being created in the previous step)

Any light into this would be awesome, im essentially trying to get a data dump (to begin with)



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