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Hi this is similar to my other problem but now it is with another car.

First of all I connect the CBT with the OBD cable and try to set the baudrate with AutoBaud but it fails to find a good rate so I googled some and found out it should be 500k but when i set it to that specific rate nothing happens I also tried every rate to try but no luck...

What am I missing? The car I tried is mainly a Chevrolet Transport but also an Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2014 with same result "/

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Hello good news I got it to work with the serial command :D

Problem was that I was trying the auto-detect with the alpha program and that didn't work but with coolterm and the serial command it started dumping messages :)

Many thanks now I am going to decrypt some message ids :D

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No help so far?

Anyway here is an update, I have found that the serial command for start dumping packets is 03 01 01 but this didnt help me but it responds to the 01 01 command.

Also noticed that when I open the alpha app and log with a serial terminal it keeps repeating this: <code>{"event":"version", "name":"CANBus Triple", "version":"0.4.6", "memory":"950"}
{"event":"busdbg", "name":"Bus 1", "canctrl":"4", "status":"0", "error":"0", "errorText":"No Errors", "nextTxBuffer":"0"}
{"event":"busdbg", "name":"Bus 2", "canctrl":"4", "status":"0", "error":"0", "errorText":"No Errors", "nextTxBuffer":"0"}
{"event":"busdbg", "name":"Bus 3", "canctrl":"4", "status":"0", "error":"0", "errorText":"No Errors", "nextTxBuffer":"0"}</code>

And I got CoolTerm to start working but so far gtkterm is doing the job better :p

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Hi I just got my new CBT and managed to flash it after reformating my computer to linux but now i can't get any packets "/

This is what I have done: Connected the CBT and used the Alpha App and it finds the CBT but thats it no packets when i connect with the OBD2 cable and I have tried 3 diffrent cars and have been able to connect to all 3 using a cheap ELM327 BT device and my phone :S

But I can flash it with no problems or any problems connecting to it I tried to install CoolTerm but seems to not work with linux, it is also unsuported "/

This is what i get:
<img src="" />

Can anyone help me? :)

Looks like your connection to CANBus Triple was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.